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    "For Lulu" is the latest in a series of solos Eisen has been creating over the past six years. It is performed to one of the songs from the controversial Lou Reed and Metallica collaboration ("Lulu"), which "Eisen transforms into a hyper-energetic and surprisingly exhilarating act of slightly crazed movement." (Oregon Arts Watch). This video is from an October, 2013, performance at On The Boards Studio Theater, Seattle.



    This duet was originally created in Russia in the summer of 2013. It was then recreated in New York in March, 2013 (video is from that performance, at Movement Research at Judson Church, with dancer Donna Costello). What followed was a

    re-recreation of the piece in Chicago in May, then a re-re-creation in Minneapolis in July, each version with a different dancer.